Cute, yummy no-bake snowman oreo pops that are not just easy, but also fun to make with your kids!



Snowman Oreo Pops


  1. One package of Oreos
  2. 250g White Semi sweet chocolate/ Candy melts
  3. Grapeseed oil/coconut oil
  4. 18-20 thin straws/lollipop sticks
  5. Candy eyes
  6. Orange rice chocolate
  7. Candy snowflakes
  8. Small amounts (100g-150g for each colour) of any colored Semi sweet chocolate/ Candy melts for hats and mouth
  9. M&Ms for tip of hats
First stage of assembling the Oreo pops. Allow the chocolate pops to completely hardern and set before proceeding to the next stage
Second stage of decorating the Oreo pops


  1. Melt the white semi-sweet chocolate/candy melts in the microwave, stirring every 20 seconds until completely melted and smooth. Add a tsp at a time of grapeseed oil/coconut oil until the chocolate/candy melts is a good consistency for dipping.
  2. Twist apart all of the Oreo cookies.
  3. Dip the end of one stick into the melted white chocolate/candy melts, drizzle a little in the center of the white cookie filling and then gently press it into the centre of the oreo.
  4. Place the top of the oreo back on and allow white chocolate to harden (5 minutes -10 minutes), cementing the cookie back together with a stick inside.
  5. Remelt chocolate/candy melts if it has thickened.
  6. Holding the stick, lower the entire Oreo into the bowl of melted white chocolate, spooning it over the top and sides to cover it completely.
  7. Allow the excess chocolate/candy melts to drain off for an even finish and gently place covered Oreo on a piece of baking paper to completely harden.  (*Baking paper is different from parchment paper. The chocolate coating will not stick onto the baking paper when completely harden.)
  8. Melt small amounts semi-sweet chocolate/candy melts for your hats and mouths.
  9. Hold coated Oreo over bowl and gently spoon color over top edge of cookie at an angle to make a hat shape.
  10. Gently tap oreo over bowl and slide bottom edge to remove excess.
  11. Place the oreo back onto the baking paper.
  12. Gently press an M&M on the side top of the hat against the melted chocolate/candy melts and wait a few seconds for it to stick.
  13. Place a candy snowflakes onto the melted coloured chocolate/candy melts hats.
  14. Use a toothpick and add 2 dots of little white chocolate/candy mets onto the oreo. Place the candy eyes onto each dot.
  15. Add another white dot below the eyes. Place the orange chocolate onto the dot for the nose.
  16. Use another toothpick to add a dot of coloured chocolate/candy melts below the nose for the mouth.
  17. Allow the oreo pops to harden and set completely before lifting from the baking paper.