This easy Thai baby kailan recipe is not only tasty, you only need 15 minutes to prepare and cook.

Thai baby kailan is all leaves and no stems. You wouldn’t need to be concern about any fibrous stems. I personally prefer to blanch my vegetables and quickly soak in ice water. This step helps to stop it from cooking further. It will also keep the vegetables bright, fresh and crisp.

The Thai baby kailan compliments very nicely with the crunchy texture of the crispy silver fish and shallots. The chickenΒ stock gives a nice savoury flavor with a slight acidity from the lemon juice. The sauce combination brings a refreshing flavor to this kailan recipe.

Photographed by Lawrence Teo from The Peepshow Machine. Website@ and Facebook@ thepeepshowmachine

Easy 15 minutes Thai baby kailan with crispy silver fish


1) 400g Thai baby kailan (wash and pluck leaves into individual pieces)

2) 300ml chicken stock

3) 2 tbsps oil

4) 20g silver fish ( Rinse and dry)

5) 1/2 tsp cornstarch mixed with 2 Tbsps water

6) A dash of white pepper

7) 1 tsp lemon juice

8) 2 Tbsps fried shallots


1) Heat oil in a pan. Add in and stir fryΒ the silver fish till crispy. Set aside. Keep the remaining oil in the pan.

2) Blanch kailan in a pot of lightly salted water for 2-3 minutes.

3) Quickly remove kailan from the boiling water and put in ice water to stop the kailan from cooking further.

4) Drain ice water from kailan.

5) Heat chicken stock in the same pan with the remaining oil from the fried silver fish.

6) Once the chicken stock boils, add in kailan, dash of white pepper and cornstarch mixture. Toss for 30 seconds to thicken the sauce.

7) Drizzle the lemon juice. Transfer the kailan into a serving plate.

8) Garnish with crispy silver fish and fried shallots. Serve immediately.